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Frank Alexander ( 11-May-2016 )
Win friends and influence people with your stunning good looks! Post a photo of yourself in your profile. Use a JPEG or PNG smaller than 200Kb.

Anne Wellman ( 10-May-2016 )
My biography of Betty is now available on Amazon, entitled 'Betty: The Story of Betty MacDonald, Author of The Egg and I'. Hope you like it.

Rees Clark ( 29-Feb-2016 )
Passing through Chimacum en route to "Town" last week I happened on the Chimacum Café, where eggs are on the menu about 16 times. LINK

Sue Lowe ( 22-Dec-2015 )
I'm from the UK, and first read Betty MacDonald's books as they were favourites of my mother's. This was in the 1960s and 1970s. I like 'The Egg & I', 'The Plague & I', and my absolute favourite remains 'Onions in the Stew'.

Edie Mulesky ( 16-Dec-2015 )
hi. is anyone still on this site? i am a huge fan and have stayed in the B and B that the Vashon house became. can anyone tell me why Betty died so young? i have most of her books, i especially love anyone can do anything!

Jodee Fenton ( 9-Nov-2015 )
The Book Club of Washington has published a recently discovered short story written by Betty Bard before her marriage to Haskell or MacDonald. It is a fine press limited edition of most likely the earliest (1933) published work of MacDonald. For mo... LINK

Howard Huff Dalton ( 25-Aug-2015 )
Hello all! I swear I used to have a membership but have not visited the site for a while. I opened a new one since my email could not be recognized. Just received a copy of The Book Club edition of ACDA so my collection continues to grow.

Frank Alexander ( 10-Apr-2015 )
The member list now includes activity icons and an abbreviated version of your membership statement. This would be a good time to sign in and post updates and/or a new statement.

John Crawford ( 4-Apr-2015 )
I am going to sell all 4 of my Betty books and my two Mary Bard books. The Egg & I and Onions in the Stew have their original covers. I am asking $50 for all six books plus $5 shipping. I only accept paypal and only ship in the USA.

Frank Alexander ( 4-Apr-2015 )
It seems the Betty house on Vashon Island is now participating in AirBNB. See the adjacent link for info. LINK

Debbie Scott ( 26-Mar-2015 )
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Betty! Be sure to check out the many wishes on Betty's Facebook page, too! LINK

Frank Alexander ( 25-Mar-2015 )
Glad to see the old crowd back in the fray! Watch for further updates this spring.

Frank Alexander ( 3-Aug-2014 )
Here's a list to which you may take exception: Goodread's Best of the 40s. LINK

Frank Alexander ( 3-Aug-2014 )
Vote Betty MacDonald for new Puget Sound passenger ferry name!

Dixiebella Hodges ( 24-May-2014 )
From London, United Kingdom

Annie Betts ( 12-Mar-2014 )
I'm reading The Egg and I for the hundredth? time but this time aloud to my 95 year old mother. We're enjoying it a bunch. We live in Sequim, not far from Chimacum.

Andrea Mellis ( 1-Dec-2013 )
Very happy to be a member of this forum as I have loved all of Betty Macdonalds books for more years than I care to remember!

( 26-Jun-2013 )
I'm new to this, and came across this site while looking for information for my radio program. I work for Spokane Public Radio, and am co-producer of The Bookshelf. We read books on the radio, and I would love to broadcast The Egg and I, but I need p

Frank Alexander ( 18-Apr-2013 )
Suggestion: Why not broaden the focus to include commentaries on Betty M's influence on her contemporaries and the reverse. Who influenced her; whom did she influence?

Frank Alexander ( 25-Mar-2013 )
Thought the members might be interested in a good reason to visit Vashon; see the reactivated Calendar with a May art tour event.

Marilynn Norby ( 22-Mar-2013 )
It's been a very long time since I visited the Betty ssite- I am re-reading Anybody Can Do Anything ( for the 10th time at least) and it sparked my interest in Betty all over again. Anyone know anything about that creepy character, Dorita Hess?

Patty Kos ( 9-Mar-2013 )
I have 3 Betty Macdonald books I'm selling. I'll post this in the discussion forum

JANET McARTHUR ( 4-Jan-2013 )
interested in knowing if it is possible to saty at Betty and Don's old house on Vashon Island ?

Barbara-Rose Freedman ( 24-Dec-2012 )
I am still looking for a copy of 'Anbody can do Anything'- not had many luck to date.

Barbara-Rose Freedman ( 11-Dec-2012 )
I first read the Egg and I when I was 12 (many years ago!)and discovered Betty's world, a far cry from Engand. We now live in beautiful Victoria BC and I look forward to joining Betty's 'family'.

Rees Clark ( 10-Dec-2012 )
I have six copies of 3/12/08 Seattle Times with extensive Betty M article @ $5 plus shipping. Use message form on my profile for more info. Proceeds benefit FOBM.

Jane Lawrence ( 8-Nov-2012 )
I have over many years read and re-read Betty MAcdonald's books and have just bought 'Much laughter a few tears'.

pavel taich ( 5-Nov-2012 )
I have opened Betty after so long time and foud it just wonderful.

Frank Alexander ( 10-Jul-2012 )
Clark Internet Publishing, "friend of Betty MacDonald" since 2002.

Debbie Scott ( 3-Jan-2012 )

Debbie Scott ( 10-Dec-2011 )
Re-reading The Egg and I. It's so amazing to "find" new tidbits I missed. Betty was so "in her element" with that first book. Must look at the photos again to see the old farm, just for reference!

John Crawford ( 23-Nov-2011 )
Getting ready to start work on the December newsletter so, stay tuned!

Debbie Scott ( 26-Oct-2011 )
Happy Halloween everyone!

Debbie Scott ( 20-Oct-2011 )
Fall has arrived in San Diego! Love the nip in the air and the little bit of rain we got yesterday!

Debbie Scott ( 16-Oct-2011 )
Newsletter coming out today or tomorrow - can't wait!

John Crawford ( 14-Oct-2011 )
still at work on the October newsletter. I will have it in everyone's email box shortly.

Debbie Scott ( 14-Oct-2011 )
Loving Betty's Facebook responses! Don't forget to Friend her if you are on Facebook, too!

Frank Alexander ( 6-Oct-2011 )
Don't forget you can send private messages to other members. Just sign in; list members; choose one; see "write to..."; send.

Debbie Scott ( 6-Oct-2011 )
Newsletter coming out soon. Hope everyone enjoys this SPECIAL edition!

Frank Alexander ( 26-May-2011 )
Try posting an update on your personal profile page. It will be echoed on the home page.

Debbie Scott ( 2-May-2011 )
Be sure to check out Betty's page on Facebook!

SusanMutter ( 21-Apr-2011 )
Still keeping busy my mother now lives close by so plenty to keep me occupied.

rachel ashby ( 26-Mar-2011 )
Happy Birthday Betty, From all in North Wales

( 28-Sep-2010 )
Thanks, Suz. I'm sure you're right about Port Townsend, but is there a railroad that would have planned to end there about a hundred years ago? Another question: where is Betty buried? Thanks for your help.

Kathryn Mason ( 27-Sep-2010 )
Hello everyone, I am a brand new member of this website and am delighted to find it! Betty MacDonald has been my favorite author (along with Mark Twain) for many years. I am having trouble with this browser so will write more later.

SusanMutter ( 13-May-2010 )
Hi my daughter is still at home and my son has just come home again. We keep putting our plans for down sizing on hold

Rick Slater ( 4-May-2010 )
Moved just across the inlet from where Betty lived. Travel in "her" area quite often.

Jeff Costello ( 1-Mar-2010 )
Just read Anybody Can do Anything for the fourth time, The Plague and I for the third

anne duke ( 3-Jan-2010 )
I have been reading and rereading Betty MacDonal books since 1958! I am so happy to have been introduced to this site.

mary leech ( 22-Dec-2009 )
did make me laugh. I'm so glad I've found Bettyand I would say Hi to all her fans

mary leech ( 22-Dec-2009 )
I'm a new member. I was visiting in Seattle and bought The Egg & I . I live in Scotland . My younger son lives there and when I'm over I visit Wessel & Lieberman bookshop and have made a collection of ealy settler's books but I must say thEgg really

rachel ashby ( 5-Nov-2009 )
Hi all, This is the first time i have posted on this site. I felt compelled to do so after i realized i have read Betty's books in order six-times in a row again. I love this site as it makes that "end of a book" feeling go away, and the story cont...

Debbie Scott ( 5-Oct-2009 )
Great to have some new items for the site. Don't miss the Find A Grave link for Bob's final resting place! LINK

Linda Wolka ( 23-Sep-2009 )
I got married and I have a new last name

Frank Alexander ( 12-Sep-2009 )
Linked to 1947 E&I trailer. Check it out! LINK

Barbara Gauge ( 22-Aug-2009 )
I first read the Egg and I aged 15 from the school library. Am now 61 and have managed with great difficulty and searching of second hand bookshops and e-bay to collect all Betty's books and those of her sister Mary Bard. How I would have loved to ...

Rebecca Gorlin ( 15-Aug-2009 )
How can I get the CD and DVD interviews with Betty MacDonald?

cait ( 4-Aug-2009 )
Great to be back and see new things on the site.

jan munkres ( 3-Aug-2009 )

Eleni Griffiths ( 28-Jul-2009 )
Home on the wheat farm in rural South Australia, am huge fan of BmacD, am reading Egg for the 12th time and loving evry minute.

nicola carroll ( 28-Jul-2009 )
Just finishing the plague and I again! and looking forward to getting The Egg and I and Anyone Can Do Anything.

Jeanne Zamora ( 3-Jul-2009 )
wearing self out on 2 acres dividing and transplanting

Darlene Smith ( 21-Jun-2009 )
I am enjoying another reading of Nancy and Plum. I have read this many times, several of them to my 5th grade class. I never cease to enjoy the characters and the setting.

Valerie Kite ( 21-Jun-2009 )
I live in Somerset, Ky and wonder if anyone else here lives in Kentucky.

Debbie Scott ( 29-May-2009 )
Finally have received the info from the Postal Service regarding the commemorative stamp program! Time for letters, fans!!!!

Joy Hartle ( 25-May-2009 )
Just found this wonderful site! Who knew? Have been a fan for more years than I care to think of!

Debbie Scott ( 28-Apr-2009 )
Your fearless leader (uh, that's me) has moved back to Sunny San Diego! Lovely to be back, all the way around!

Diane Teigen ( 18-Apr-2009 )
Just finished reading the BM series again - amazing wit. I guess everyone really smoked that much back then. Does anyone know anyone else who writes this kind of wit? Authors?

John Crawford ( 17-Apr-2009 )
Still doing my reasearch on Betty MacDonald... a never ending project.

John Crawford ( 1-Sep-2005 )
well fall will soon be upon us. I have started my fall classes, Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Termanology and, and Physical Anthroplolgy (a class I took just for fun). I have to dissect a fetal pig this term, thank God I grew up on a farm.

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