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The Origins of this Site
In 2002, The Seattle Press published an article by Paula Becker entitled "Time Traveling The Roosevelt District With Betty MacDonald" that became one of the online edition's most popular and often-revisited items.

Hundreds of comments were appended to the article by readers around the world, and many readers returned again and again to sustain an online correspondence among "friends of Betty" - including stories about people, places and events that entwine them with the author or her books.

Since the SP ceased publication in 2003, Clark Internet Publishing, which had been hosting the site, assumed management of the SP's archive and has maintained it as a public service.

This site and web log is intended for the enjoyment of Betty MacDonald's many fans. Please feel free to post topical articles and comments.

The site and commentaries are open to all, and guests may post comments in most topics. To post new topics you must be registered. This is to inhibit spurious and irrelevant posts. Your contact data (email) will be held strictly confidential; we will never share it with third parties.

If someone would care to come forward to relieve Frank Alexander as editor-moderator of the site, we'd be glad to consider turning over editing responsibilities. Clark IP will maintain general management. The site is fully automated, and no particular technical skills are required. If you can navigate the Web (and apparently you can), you can edit this site. Naturally, spiffing it up requires a certain familiarity with word processing and photo editing.

The site is presently only in English; the creation of parallel sites in other (Western) languages would be of interest to the hosts. Editing and maintenance must be done in English.

Sincerely, The Staff of Clark Internet Publishing

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