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Using the Site

How can I...?
Question: Must I register to read the site?
Answer: In general, no. However, some content can be designated as "members-only" and will be invisible to unregistered readers.

Books and other works

Recurring questions about Betty, her works, her life, her family.
Question: Were "The Egg and I" and Betty's other books true stories based on her life and experiences?
Answer: Partially. Betty called her books "more or less autobiographical." Except for family members, she rarely used people's real names. In the case of "The Egg and I," she was sued unsuccessfully by former neighbors who claimed she'd based the Kettles on their family.

Family and friends...

The family scorecard: Who was related to whom, separating fact from fiction.
Question: Was Bob a good chicken rancher? Did he buy another ranch, as it says at the end of "The Egg and I"?
Answer: Apparently, Bob Heskett was not a successful chicken farmer in real life. He did not buy another ranch, but returned to selling insurance when he and Betty separated. They eventually divorced and he never tried his hand at ranching again.

Readers often fail to distinguish between the fictional "Bob" of The Egg and I and the Bob of real life, and they often confuse eras of her life. Betty's later "farm" on Vashon Island was operated with her second husband Don MacDonald.


Question: What are you selling?
Answer: We have no sales agenda. We occasionally help members to sell their MacDonald related books and paraphernalia. That said, if you find the site interesting and would like to help us offset our expenses we'd be happy to have you click here.

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