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Canceling Registration

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Extended Features

From our web hosts:

Clark Internet Publishing

Dear FOBM:

CIP Sitemaker™, the system that underlies this site, is capable of managing sites for small businesses and organizations as well as large, comprehensive, news and magazine sites. It effortlessly keeps track of thousands of pages, articles, posts, graphics, events, etc.

If you have an international keyboard or know your character codes, you may type in any Western language. I see no reason one could not actually post in other languages; please be considerate and include a brief synopsis in English if you do so. If there is sufficient interest and support, we'd be interested in cloning the site in other languages.

Depending on the wishes and participation of the community, this site can evolve into whatever you want it to be. Naturally, there's no free lunch, but it is our desire to assist this vibrant exchange to continue.

So Welcome, Bienvenue, Willkommen, Bienvenido, Vitejte! And thanks for being such an interesting group; we have fully enjoyed this series. Congratulations!

Sincerely, "Frank Alexander" for Clark Internet Publishing


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What are the benefits of membership?
Members can

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How does one become a member?
Just click the Join! link and fill out a brief form. All information provided is confidential and is not shared with third parties. Even members of the site do not have access to the member list, which is used only for messages from the administrator or to route messages among members sent through forms. You must have a valid email address, to which we will send your login information and announcements of new features.

What do you do with my personal information?
THE WEB HOSTS of this site will not share your personal data with anyone, including other members, unless you post it in a public area like your profile. All visitor communication with members is done through forms that retrieve the routing information from a confidential database and do not display it to the sender.
THE EDITORS of this site are required to follow the same guidelines. If you suspect that your information has been released inappropriately by the site's operator, please inform the host's customer service representatives.

How did spam get through using the address I posted?
The system does not reveal members' addresses. Messages to members can only be sent indirectly through a form that does not display your address, and only other members who are signed in can use that form. However, if someone writes to you and you reply by ordinary email, then you have sent that person your address, and we have no control over what use he/she makes of it.

The two most common means of finding addresses for spam are (1) harvesting from web pages (we've blocked that) and (2) using the TO or CC fields in email programs to send mail to groups (always use the BCC field for that, sending the original to yourself).

How much does it cost?
The site is supported by subscriptions and advertising. Participation and membership are free. Subscriptions are more than welcome.

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