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Judge William Wilkins's riveting 1981 autobiography, signed by the judge on the fly leaf.

Item ID: 6131

Judge William J. Wilkins was a fascinating man, and not just because he presided over the Betty MacDonald libel trial! One of the Nuremberg trial judges, Wilkins presided over the 1947 Krupp Tribunal.

Much of the book covers the Nuremberg trials, providing details only an insider would know.

The book is chronological, and in 1951, the Bishops v. Betty MacDonald trial was held before Judge Wilkins (pp. 286-88,299). He has something quite interesting to say about the outcome of that case!

Please email me for photos of the signed fly leaf.

P.S. Judge Wilkins lived to be 98 years old! Click the link below to read his obituary.

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