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Registered Feb 2005
Interests Life without books is like a house without windows.
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Gammy's Gravesite 27 Oct 2011
I am going to sell all 4 of my Betty books and my two Mary Bard books. The Egg & I and Onions in the Stew have their original covers. I am asking $50 for all six books plus $5 shipping. I only accept paypal and only ship in the USA.
6837 4 Apr 2015
Getting ready to start work on the December newsletter so, stay tuned!
566 23 Nov 2011
still at work on the October newsletter. I will have it in everyone's email box shortly.
549 14 Oct 2011
Still doing my reasearch on Betty MacDonald... a never ending project.
164 17 Apr 2009
well fall will soon be upon us. I have started my fall classes, Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Termanology and, and Physical Anthroplolgy (a class I took just for fun). I have to dissect a fetal pig this term, thank God I grew up on a farm.
124 1 Sep 2005



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