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Registered Jul 2005
Interests Please send me any questions you may have about this site. Thank you!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Betty! Be sure to check out the many wishes on Betty's Facebook page, too!
6723 26 Mar 2015 LINK
600 3 Jan 2012
Re-reading The Egg and I. It's so amazing to "find" new tidbits I missed. Betty was so "in her element" with that first book. Must look at the photos again to see the old farm, just for reference!
573 10 Dec 2011
Happy Halloween everyone!
556 26 Oct 2011
Fall has arrived in San Diego! Love the nip in the air and the little bit of rain we got yesterday!
551 20 Oct 2011
Newsletter coming out today or tomorrow - can't wait!
550 16 Oct 2011
Loving Betty's Facebook responses! Don't forget to Friend her if you are on Facebook, too!
548 14 Oct 2011
Newsletter coming out soon. Hope everyone enjoys this SPECIAL edition!
543 6 Oct 2011
Be sure to check out Betty's page on Facebook!
467 2 May 2011
Great to have some new items for the site. Don't miss the Find A Grave link for Bob's final resting place!
240 5 Oct 2009 Link



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