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Registered Nov 2004
Interests Hi! I'm the assigned site manager for this account at Clark Internet Publishing. Need a website? Write me.
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7310 11 May 2016
The member list now includes activity icons and an abbreviated version of your membership statement. This would be a good time to sign in and post updates and/or a new statement.
7102 10 Apr 2015
It seems the Betty house on Vashon Island is now participating in AirBNB. See the adjacent link for info.
6835 4 Apr 2015 LINK
Glad to see the old crowd back in the fray! Watch for further updates this spring.
6686 25 Mar 2015
Here's a list to which you may take exception: Goodread's Best of the 40s.
1060 3 Aug 2014 LINK
Vote Betty MacDonald for new Puget Sound passenger ferry name!
1058 3 Aug 2014
Suggestion: Why not broaden the focus to include commentaries on Betty M's influence on her contemporaries and the reverse. Who influenced her; whom did she influence?
818 18 Apr 2013
Thought the members might be interested in a good reason to visit Vashon; see the reactivated Calendar with a May art tour event.
816 25 Mar 2013
Clark Internet Publishing, "friend of Betty MacDonald" since 2002.
711 10 Jul 2012
Don't forget you can send private messages to other members. Just sign in; list members; choose one; see "write to..."; send.
544 6 Oct 2011



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