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Will Fame Follow the Fleet? Vote by August 15!
The King County (WA) Ferry District is inviting the public to suggest and vote on names for the system’s two new water taxis that will run between West Seattle, Vashon Island, and downtown. One vessel could be named the Betty MacDonald. Or they could be named for local politicians or the most popular insect of local schoolchildren, or...? The choice could, at least in part, be yours. Now is the time for FOBM to help with a new way to commemorate Betty MacDonald.

Betty MacDonald's world and works are linked principally to the Puget Sound. Seattle and Vashon Island were her principal venues, though her fictional selves ranged further afield. Both Seattle and Vashon lie within King County, Washington.

In 2013 the state and local ferry systems carried over 10 million vehicles and over twelve million passengers from around the world amid some of the greatest urban and natural views to be seen anywhere. Notwithstanding our efforts and those of other fans over the years, that probably means introducing Betty to TEN MILLION new potential readers.

Thanks to Judith Lawrence of Betty MacDonald Farm Bed & Breakfast for calling attention to this matter.

For more background and to learn how to vote, see also West Seattle Blog.

Vote Here! Vashon vessel is second group.

Barbara-Rose - Jul 22, 2015, 2:33 PM
Have just googled my name, saw the message re voting for the new vessel to be named Betty MacDonald, and now see that the voting date has just expired. So .... guess I've missed the boat. Hope there are enough votes for her!

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