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Planning for the FOBM Future
You've had a number of ideas that would be easy to implement. Some are just a matter of time and typing; others involve reconfiguration of existing content; some require technical changes. It is probably time to consider organizing a group to manage the site.

There are several things that would make sense as new features. More pictures, easier posting of long articles, the recipe idea, etc., would surely enrich the FOBM site. To do these things in a way that will make such resources available into the future some careful planning is needed.

Please read the linked article in the Betty-zine. It will unnecessarily open a new browser window; sorry for the duplication, we'll address that soon.

Planning Article

Make it Better!
To suggest a change or addition to the site, please post a new topic here (members only). Members may then comment on the idea. Technically and logistically feasible suggestions will be added to "the stack" and implemented as resources become available.
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