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New Comment Preview Feature
Scroll down the home page and find "What you're saying" - a new summary feature that abbreviates several recent comments from the News and the Forum. You can click Read More beneath each preview to jump to the original news item or forum post.

Remember, these are comments, not the original topics or news items.
Old Bulletin Board Archived
The FOBM Forum has been converted to its new platform, and the old system has been retained as an archive. The change was completed January 17. If you wish to sustain a conversation from the old forum, it will be necessary to re-open the topic in the new system.

See the earlier post in the News about how to convert your registration if you have not already done so.

We believe the new system, which is simpler and fully integrated with the rest of the site, will give us more potential for growth and for addition of new features.

I'm happy to note the addition of a half-dozen new registered users this month. Welcome!

Thanks for your continuing support!

Forum Relocation is Complete
The new forum and discussion board is alive and well. Give it a try!

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Getting Started
Getting Started
Hi! If this is your first time here, this is what you must know.
  • This site is accompanied by a discussion forum (message board) within the archive of the former Seattle Press, which is published as a community service by our web hosts at Clark Internet Publishing. The forum is intended for "chat-like" conversation, while the "Betty-zine" and this journal are intended for longer commentaries by the readership and the editor(s), which can become the basic of threads in the forum.
  • The newest topics in the editor's journal and the magazine always appear at the top of their respective content lists. Scroll down, or find other topics chronologically, or by category, or in the archive.
  • Third, visitors can comment on most items, either here in the editor's journal or in the forums. To add a new topic you must register with a real email address, which will not be published. This is to help us stay organized and to protect you from spam, since communication within the site does not require the display of real email addresses. You can be as public or as private as you wish.
  • When you register, you can do all manner of cool stuff, like add pictures to your posts and embed bold text or use your favorite colors.
  • There is a practical limit of about 1,000 characters to the length of posts. If you have a "treatise" you'd like to publish, contact a moderator or the editor for instructions. The interim plan is to circulate longer commentaries to about three "senior" volunteers for "peer review" before posting permanently.
  • This site is capable of much more than just a bulletin board; it can evolve into a comprehensive literary community; it's up to you!
Please enjoy the site and tell your friends. (If you want to suggest a feature for the site, please don't comment here; use the To The Editor form.)

Oh yes, if you'd like to have your own site, our hosts at Clark Internet Publishing make powerful do-it-yourself sites available at low cost. Sites include many professional features like blogs, calendars, newsletters, photo galleries, etc., and can be used for personal or business use.

"Frank Alexander" (Moderator)

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