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Inkubator: The Editor's Log
FYI, our readers have seen just over 180,000 pages in the Forums and just over 20,000 here in the magazine.

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UPDATE NOV 15 - I just did a Google search on "betty macdonald" and after two years of your consistent support and participation the FOBM site came up fourth (page one) in the result, after a history site, the wikipedia entry, and one of the alter egos of a long-established commercial web site whose name includes hers and whose more familiar name appears on the second page. No other member directed site shows up in the first several pages.

Among the results, a previously unknown pseudonym for said commercial site, one MacReview at;
and a cool place to catalog your own library (caution: all such services should be approached with caution as they can become spam sources; if you try it, put in one book using an alias mailbox you can delete if it's a problem; look for a forthcoming article on spam).

A reminder: You can access the site with OR; the two domains are synonymous.

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