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Forum Conversion Procedures Announced
The forum conversion is proceeding. Here is a to-do list for members.

1. Update your email in the old forum profile. This is the main way we will (a) check for lapsed members and (b) send you individual notices. We will use your old-forum profiles to populate the new member list. We will bring forward your username and email address, along with selected other attributes from the old profile.

2. Some time after Dec 25 [UPDATE: WOULD YOU BELIEVE, DECEMBER 28?], try signing into the new member system (find the Sign-in link at top right of any page). The first time you do so, click the Lost Password link; the system will discover that you do not have a password (we are unable to transfer the encrypted passwords from the old system) and will create a temporary one and send it to your registered email address*. When you receive that email return to the sign-in form and sign in. You will find that you can then participate in the Forums and read members-only news and comments by other members.

3. It is our intent to complete the conversion before January 1, 2008. Email changes-updates in the old forum should be made not later than Dec 21.

* If you no longer have access to your registered email please contact us immediately, so that we can take action to continue your membership. Use the Contacts form at the top of any page. In your message tell us your old username and email address and approximately when you joined, so that we can match you up in the two systems.

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