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Inkubator: The Editor's Log
Thirteen Cures from Mrs. P-W
The BMcD network is on the air! Follow the link below to a must-see collection of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle episodes on

Pretty good video; the trade off is you have to sit through some 30 second commercials.

They have lots of other shows; many have full seasons. Many are free; some require payment. The site features classic shows like WKRP, barney miller, Emergency, adam 12..., and new stuff like National Geographic Channel shows, Nova, 24, and John Stewart.

I didn't bother to watch all, but you might want to link to it. The series was produced in the 1990s with Jean Stapleton, Shelly Duvall, Joan Cusack, Christopher Lloyd and many other faces you will recognize.

Rumor has it that there are old Betty MacDonald TV shows (video or kinescope???) "out there" - now may be the time for one of you to do some research.

-FA (Clark Internet Publishing)


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