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Betty promoted Christmas Seals
Cathy Bredlau has found a 1948 promotional piece that has Betty MacDonald urging the purchase of Christmas Seals. It was printed December 29, 1948, in the Burlington, NC, Daily Times-News.

The caption reads: "Pictured above is Betty MacDonald, authoress of the best selling 'The Egg and I' and most recently 'The Plague and I', as she applied Christmas Seals to gifts prior to Christmas. The authoress, in endorsing the Tuberculosis Association drive to the limit, pointed out that the dred disease can strike anyone and added that she knew from experience. She urged the success of the Alamance County Seal Sale Campaign which has been extended for the next few weeks in an effort to meet the $14,000 goal."

Giving might have been less arduous when one could buy a pair of pants for $1.98 and a leather jacket for $9.95. (Click image to enlarge and see the ads in the background; the full-size PDF is here.)

For those of you outside the US, Christmas Seals are an annual appeal by the American Lung Assn. (ALA). (Of course there may be similar projects elsewhere.)

Today's inspiration: When you next buy Christmas Seals, why not donate in the name of Friends of Betty MacDonald and include our URL ( You might find some new friends. A link to the Christmas Seals pages appears below.

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frankalexander - Dec 21, 2008, 11:30 AM
One might infer that the photo and information were distributed by the Christmas Seals organization and may have appeared elsewhere. You might be interested enough to research your own local newspaper for the month surrounding the date and see if your editor (a) was interested or (b) had a slow news day. 'Tis interesting to see that Betty M's caché extended beyond books and movies to rock-star level. BTW, our Anachronism Department is researching "authoress" as we write.

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