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Flood of tears in wake of Betty MacDonald ferry mailing
Imagine the sadness with which we received bounced email for forty members of the site after we notified all of the ferry-naming opportunity. Please help us recover by contacting any of the members you know in some other way. Sobbing can still be heard echoing in the halls of our vast publishing empire.

Herewith the names of the missing: "Jane", Greg Bell, Sue Dahnem, Vicki De Boer, Rose DeShaw, Judith Dixon, Barbara-Rose Freedman, justine hansen, Joy Hartle, linda hatfield-southern, clive jones, Amy Kessler, Brown Lee, mary leech, Lynne LeForge, Deborah Long, Deborah Millar, Kris Newman, Margaret Norton, Mike Patterson, bill rebelt, Lisa Ryan, Rick Slater, Lynne Spires, Julie Kay Swenson, malcolm taylor, Emily Thompson, sandra wade, Linda White. (Spelling, capitalization and punctuation are all per members' own fine hands.)

PS: Sooner or later everyone looks himself up in Google, so we hope to find a few that way, too.

johnftwa48in - Aug 6, 2014, 6:01 PM
Hey all. Yahoo shut me down because i was hacked and, wont let me have it back (I have 2 words for them and it's Happy Birthday). As soon as I find an email I like i will let you know. I will need all of your email addresses again.

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